About BuyALabel

Buy A Label makes it easy to buy official USPS shipping labels in seconds with no account needed.


By using BuyALabel you agree to the terms listed here.


You agree to let BuyALabel use the provided data to process your request in order to provide the requested service. This includes sharing the provided data with companies and services we use to provide that requested service. Your personal data is only used to provide the requested service. Your personal data is not stored by BuyALabel.

Labels are generated in PDF format on a 8.5x11 size document for printing or downloading.

Your label purchase history is stored on the device that was used to purchase the label. To view your history or request a refund you must use the same device used to purchase the label originally.


BuyALabel allows you 1 hour to request a refund on your shipping label. Because BuyALabel does not have user accounts, you must request a refund from the same device you purchased the label from. BuyALabel will forward your refund request to the carrier. If the carrier approves the refund, BuyALabel will refund your charge minus a 30 cent processing fee. Your refund may take up to 30 days to process and funds to be returned (sorry, blame the carrier).

Check Refund Status Here for a previously submitted refund.


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Auto-Load or Embed

You can easily link BuyALabel to your existing software in minutes. Just direct your user to buyalabel.com or include it in a iframe and set the following URL params:

From Address:
  • from_name
  • from_email
  • from_address
  • from_address2
  • from_city
  • from_state
  • from_zip
To Address:
  • to_name
  • to_email
  • to_address
  • to_address2
  • to_city
  • to_state
  • to_zip
  • weight_lb
  • weight_oz
  • package
  • length_in
  • width_in
  • height_in
  • ref1
  • ref2
  • frame - Pass 'Y' to minimize UI and disable branding
  • callback - Pass a URL to have shipping data posted back to it. Must allow CORS. Below is an example of the data that will be posted to the callback after label purchase.
	"label_url": "https://www.buyalabel.com/file.php?filename=9461200897846060748283.pdf",
	"mime_type": "application/pdf",
	"label_size": "8.5x11",
	"id": "pl_4d6e28db10fb4d45bdf526c761c3c116",
	"rate": "9.21",
	"shipment_id": "shp_28ce804bae254f478d8d34f7ac717a10",
	"tracking_num": "9461200897846060748283",
	"tracking_url": "https://track.easypost.com/djE6dHJrXzM3YzNkYWE2Y2QyNTQ5OTA4OWE2ODJhYzRhNTM2MDY3",
	"carrier": "USPS",
	"service_code": "ParcelSelect",
	"service_name": "Parcel Select",
	"carrier_logo": "https://www.buyalabel.com/img/carriers/usps.svg",
	"from_name": "John Doe",
	"from_email": "",
	"from_address": "4 Times Square",
	"from_address2": "",
	"from_city": "New York",
	"from_state": "NY",
	"from_zip": "10036",
	"name": "William Wynn",
	"email": "",
	"address": "1100 Anacapa St",
	"address2": "",
	"city": "Santa Barbara",
	"state": "CA",
	"zip": "93101",
	"weight_lb": "1",
	"weight_oz": "",
	"package": "Parcel",
	"length_in": "",
	"width_in": "",
	"height_in": "",
	"ref1": "123456789",
	"ref2": "987654321"
If you provide enough information, BuyALabel will automatically trigger a rate request as soon as the page loads.
Example URL:

Updated: 2020-09-22